The Evolution of Mineralized Water

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Origins of Mineral Water

For centuries, humans have been bathing and recreating in mineral springs. Often touted for their therapeutic value for ailments such as rheumatism and skin diseases, mineral springs are a pillar of human health. In more recent times, these springs have become popular sites for spas and public baths.

The water found in these springs contains a significant concentration of dissolved minerals and gases, most commonly calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium.

The World Health Organization has purported that water with these qualities is actually beneficial for human consumption. Water that is high in trace minerals is considered “hard” compared to water that is void of these minerals, which would be known as “soft” water. Hard water is typically inversely related to an array of illnesses which include cardiovascular disease.

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We all know that water is life, so it’s no surprise that the earliest human settlements were located near bodies and springs of water. The importance of clean and bountiful sources of water were imperative for human health and the development of modern agriculture. Over the course of centuries, humankind’s relationship to water has adapted and evolved significantly, so much so that most of us are able to turn on our taps and have access to safe drinking water that sustains us.

Modern Drinking Water Practices

As our relationship to water has evolved, so has the world’s desire for quick and easy access to it. Bottled water first appeared in the market in 1621 in the United Kingdom. Of course, these bottles of water are not what we are used to in modern North America.

In the seventeenth century, mineral spring water was thought to have healing medicinal properties, and as such, it was sold in glass bottles as a medicinal remedy in pharmacies until the early twentieth century. Its perceived value and scarcity made it a rare and important commodity.

By the nineteenth century, imitation products were being sold in European and North American markets. These dupes were often carbonated beverages that touted themselves as healing agents.

It was not until the mid-twentieth century that mineral water in plastic bottles was first introduced.

Popularity skyrocketed following the marriage of these two entities, as both consumers and manufacturers loved the durability and lightness of plastic bottles.

Popularity grew steadily over the next half century. In the early 2000s, bottled water manufacturers began to play heavily into consumers' fears of the safety of tap water, encouraging consumption of disposable plastic bottles.

However, the long term consequences of plastic water bottle consumption cannot be stressed enough. Plastic waste is an environmental catastrophe that has impacts on human health and global ecosystems.

Mineral Water At Home

Clearly, what started as an honest and valuable enterprise has evolved into an environmental disaster that is plastic pollution. However, in the twenty-first century, consumers can still enjoy mineralized alkaline water in their homes without increasing their environmental footprint. Santevia can bring you the benefits of ancient spring water without all of the negative impacts of modern bottling practices

Santevia’s products, like ancient springs, naturally mineralize your water and produce a clean, alkaline water that boasts trace minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. With Santevia, you don’t need to be concerned about contaminants found in your tap water, because each product reduces compounds like chlorine and lead.

Whether you are looking for an at-home water filtration system or an on-the-go solution to replace your disposable bottled water habit, Santevia has the perfect product for you. Our Tritan Water Bottle and Power Stick duo is ideal for those who are looking for a convenient and lightweight option to enjoy healthy, clean water during the hustle and bustle of their day to day lives.

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