Santevia vs Ordinary Filtration

Santevia vs Ordinary Filtration
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By now you’ve heard about all the contaminants that might be found in your tap water, like chlorine, lead, and even pharmaceuticals.

With these harmful products in your drinking water, you’ve decided it’s time to invest in a filter for you and your family.

But not all water is equal, so how do you determine the best water filter?

How to Choose the Best Water Filter

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When searching for a water filter there are not one, but two main factors to consider:

  • What contaminants does the filter remove?
  • And also, does the filter add essential minerals?

Most filters on the market are successful at removing the harmful substances from your water, delivering a final product that is void of any contaminants.

But what many people don’t realize is that most filters remove certain benefits of water as well.

Conventional filters strip essential minerals from water. The result: water that is not optimized for your health.

These minerals are beneficial to your body, and raise the pH level by up to 2.0 to create alkaline water. The minerals also make the water taste delicious and fresh.

Santevia believes water filtration is about more than just contaminant removal. That's why we add healthy minerals back to your water.

Santevia’s filters reduce the bad, like lead and chlorine, while adding the good back in, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

MINA Alkaline Pitcher vs Ordinary Pitcher

Here’s a quick look at how Santevia’s MINA Alkaline Pitcher compares to an ordinary pitcher:

MINA Alkaline PitcherOrdinary Pitcher

Filters up to 99% Chlorine


Filters up to 99% Lead


Adds Minerals


Raises pH Level By Up to 2.0


Recylable Filter


Made in Canada


Filter Life

300 L / 80 gal

150 L / 40 gal

Mineralized Alkaline Water to Support Your Health

Drinking alkaline water, as opposed to conventionally filtered water, helps your body maintain its natural pH balance.

Our bodies need to maintain balance in order to function optimally, but many aspects of a modern life pull us out of balance, creating acidity in the body.

Acidity can be caused by diet, stress and a sedentary lifestyle, and can lead to short- and long-term health problems. Learn more about the acid-alkaline balance in The Ultimate Alkaline Water Guide.

By drinking Santevia alkaline water, not only are you providing clean water for you and your family, you get the benefits of drinking water with a healthy dose of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium that help your body function optimally.

Invest in your health with Santevia. Once you taste the Santevia difference, you won’t want to drink any other water.

Browse the Santevia catalog to choose which filter best meets the needs of you and your family.