How Does Zinc Affect the Human Body?

How Does Zinc Affect the Human Body?
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While zinc might not be the first nutrient you prioritize on your trip to the grocery store, its importance should not be discounted.

The essential trace mineral aids your body with many daily functions, including the promotion of a healthy immune system, optimal digestion, and metabolism maintenance.

Unlike many essential nutrients, zinc is not stored in the body, and therefore, it must be consumed regularly.

Luckily, zinc is found in a plethora of common foods, and its consumption is typically seamless when consuming a diverse, healthy diet.

Benefits of zinc:

Healthy immune system

  • The consumption of zinc helps your body’s cells fights off foreign bacteria and viruses. Zinc is found in cells around the body, and a deficiency can lead to compromised immune function.

Keeps blood sugar stable

  • Zinc plays a vital role in cells throughout your body -- including pancreatic cells. The pancreas regulates the hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar levels. Changes in blood sugar levels can negatively affect mood levels and appetite. Keeping your blood sugar stable is a crucial factor in maintaining good health.


  • Since zinc assists with proper cell functioning, it comes as no surprise that it plays an essential role in enzyme digestion operations. Without sufficient supplies of zinc, your body won’t be able to digest foods as well, potentially leading to upset stomachs or nausea.


  • Helps maintain vision
  • Prevents cell damage to the retinas. Damage to the retinas may eventually lead to vision-related problems, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD).

Zinc can be found in most nutritious diets. However, it is particularly high in meats, seafood, dairy products, nuts, and legumes. To ensure you and your family are consuming enough zinc regularly, choose a wide variety of healthy foods and eat enough healthy fats.

Beyond that, drinking mineralized, alkaline water can replenish trace mineral stores. Santevia products offer an affordable and efficient way to remineralize and alkalize your water. If you’re interested in consuming more trace minerals, like zinc, on a daily basis to help your immune system function, blood sugar levels, and digestion -- consider investing in a Santevia filter.