Vibrant & Healthy Aging

Santevia Founder Yvonne Anderson, in her Tedx speech on Vibrant & Healthy Aging, introduces a compelling concept: the Health Bank Account. Yvonne parallels health management with financial planning, where consistent deposits (exercise, healthy

Cooking With Tap Water: Is it Healthy?

Synopsis * Our modern fast-paced lifestyle has led to a widespread deficiency in essential nutrients. * The use of demineralized and contaminated tap water in cooking aggravates the nutrient deficiency problem, introducing harmful substances and

3 Tips for Easier Recycling at Home

Although by now we’re all familiar with the three Rs - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - we sometimes forget to put them into action. The first R, reduce, means that you should cut

4 Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Water, our trusty friend. Day in, day out, we loyally sip water. At our desk. In our car. At the gym. But, what’s the magic? What does water offer beyond quenching our

How does Hydrogen Affect the Human Body?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, meaning that at any given time, hydrogen molecules are surrounding you. Not surprisingly then, Hydrogen molecules are found inside your body. What does this