6 Essential Minerals Your Body Needs

6 Essential Minerals Your Body Needs
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As you walk through the aisles of the grocery store, you go through a mental checklist to double-check that you've covered all your bases.

Your grocery list should reflect your desire for your family to consume a variety of healthy foods every day, as suggested by the Canada Food Guide.

Your cart is full of an assortment of fruits and vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. With a grocery haul like that, it's hard to believe that we could still be missing ingredients that your body needs to survive and thrive. Although we need some minerals more than others, they all play an essential and unique role within our body.

There are several essential minerals that your body requires to function at its best: we've outlined them below to help you get your daily dose.

  1. Calcium is mostly stored in our bones and teeth. Therefore, it is essential to have enough calcium to ensure their health. The mineral also contributes to muscle health (including your heart). Calcium isn't only found in milk. There are a significant number of plant-based sources of calcium such as spinach, kale, black beans, and orange juice. This mineral can also be found in filtered Santevia water.
  2. Magnesium is responsible for contributing to many of your body's functions, including the nervous system, heart health, and a strong immune system. Similarly to calcium, magnesium can be found in leafy greens as well as lentils and beans. Water from the Santevia Premium Alkaline Water Filtration System provides magnesium in every glass.
  3. Potassium is a double agent, as it acts as a mineral and an electrolyte. Given its dual functions, it assists in the transportation of fluid and nutrients throughout your body. While we're sure you know that bananas offer a substantial dose of potassium, the mineral can also be found in dried fruits and a plethora of beans.
  4. Sodium, like potassium, is also an electrolyte. This salty mineral aids the body in maintaining a normal balance of fluid within the body. However, it should be noted that most North Americans are consuming adequate amounts of sodium in their diets, with the most common source being table salt as well as processed foods.
  5. Sulfur is used by your body to maintain healthy skin, cartilage, and hair. Moreover, it is essential to the healthy function of your nervous system. Like salt, most people get enough of it in their diets. Common sources of sulfur include protein and a variety of vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.
  6. Phosphorus, last but not least, plays a vital role in the preservation of healthy bones. This mineral can be found in most meats, cheeses, and nuts, meaning that very few people lack it in their diets.

Through the alkalization process, Santevia water filtration products add essential minerals to your water to assist your body in receiving adequate supplies of calcium and magnesium. Explore our full line of products to ensure you and your family are consuming adequate levels of minerals daily.