5 Harms of Drinking Chlorine

5 Harms of Drinking Chlorine
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Throughout most of North America, we have the privilege of being able to turn on our taps and benefit from a clean and bountiful source of water.

But have you ever thought about what else is flowing out of your faucet?

To ensure that the water you receive is safe to drink - or potable - the government adds a disinfectant called chlorine. Chlorine kills harmful bacteria such as E.Coli and Giardia as well as other pathogens that can harm your health.

However, while this disinfectant has helped provide society with safe water since the early 20th century, chlorine in tap water (as well as other water treatment chemicals) poses a threat to our health. If a chemical has the ability to kill pathogens, it should make you question what impacts it has on your body. Below, we have outlined the five major harms of consuming chlorine on a regular basis

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1. Higher risk of developing cancer

One of the most significant risks of consuming chlorinated water is its potential to cause a higher risk of developing cancer. This fact is not surprising considering the chemical has been used for centuries as a means to disinfect and treat water. If the disinfectant is capable of eliminating pathogens in the water, consider the impact it has on your body. Published studies reveal a link between chlorinated water and certain types of cancer. Consider purchasing an affordable filter, like the MINA Alkaline Pitcher - it contains Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) that effectively filters 99% of chlorine.

2. Cell damage

In addition to its bad taste, chlorine might also be significantly impacting the functioning of your body. Some studies have demonstrated a link between the consumption of chlorinated water and cell damage. A study conducted in China shows the connection between liver cell damage and frequent ingestion of chlorinated water. A tap water filter - such as our Gravity Water System or our MINA Alkaline Pitcher, can help you filter 99% of chlorine to support your optimal health.

3. Increased risk of asthma

According to a study conducted in Belgium, drinking chlorinated water may exacerbate allergy symptoms, even in children. Likewise, bathing in chlorinated water without an appropriate water filtration system, may make the problem even worse, especially for our little ones.

The chlorinated steam created by warm water may be intense enough to trigger an asthma attack. So in addition to drinking filtered water, consider using a Bath Filter - it reduces up to 99% of chlorine and protects the skin, the largest organ, from this contaminant.

4. Potential heart problems

Due to water contaminants (such as lead, manganese, cadmium, mercury and copper), drinking tap water without any kind of water treatment might be harder on your heart than you think. Some studies show links between drinking chlorinated water and increased risk of heart problems. Instead of drinking water straight from the tap that is treated with disinfectants, opt for clean, mineralized alkaline water.

5. Issues During Pregnancy

Pregnant women, or women who are looking to have children should be particularly weary of this disinfectant in their water.

To understand why this can be detrimental during pregnancy, it’s important to consider a bit of chemistry: as we know, when chlorine is introduced into water, it interacts with organic matter (such as dead leaves, algae, bacteria, etc.). The interaction between chlorine and organic matter gives place to a dangerous by-product - THMs (trihalomethanes).

On their website, the Government of Canada, has indicated that women who are exposed to chlorinated tap water (and therefore to THMs), are at higher risk of miscarriage.

Moreover, other studies show that children born from mothers who drink chlorinated tap water, are more likely to experience heart problems and brain defects.

Use A Water Filter To Get Rid of Chlorine

Is the chlorine infused in tap water safe to drink? There’s no doubt that consuming chlorine on a daily basis will take a toll on your health. From increased risk of developing cancer to cell damage to even the bad taste and odour - we all want to find a convenient and affordable way to consume healthier water every day. This is where Santevia water filters come into play.

After all, there’s nothing worse than reaching for a glass of water and getting an overpowering waft of chlorine. When most of us smell chlorine in tap water, we think of swimming pools. It certainly isn’t appetizing to smell this disinfectant in the water we drink every day. Instead of avoiding water altogether (which has its own set of health risks), opt for clean, mineralized water with Santevia.

The Santevia MINA Alkaline Pitcher filters 99% of chlorine and will provide you and your family with clean, mineralized, alkaline water in just minutes.